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The most valued and respected credentials in project management.

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May 15, 2016
June 2, 2016
3 Weeks
40 hours


Prof. Ayman Murad

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Queen Rania Street - Amman




The first thing that comes to a professional’s mind is, do I really need to spend money to become a Project Management Professional? What’s in it that I haven’t gained throughout my job experience? What difference would it make? Is it worthy to spend all that time training and studying?

PMP stands for Project Management professional, it’s the world’s most recognized and respected credential for project managers. In general, a PMP works on relatively large, complex projects, startup projects, process improvement projects in any functional department including Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations! More than a Million people worldwide hold this credential. It was created more than 30 years ago by PMI (Project Management Institute), it’s the de facto governing body for Project Management Professionals. Why? Because they’re the ones who came up with the PMP.

  • The PMP is a framework of the cream of best practices for doing all the things that a Project Manager has to do (schedule
    ,coordinate, manage, scope, budget, contracts, communicate with everyone, keep project on track.. etc)
  • None of the things that are being taught all over the world when it comes to PMP has been invented, basically they took

lessons learned throughout the 20th century about what it takes to take high tech, large projects done. It bundles them together and organizes them into a logical body of knowledge that can be used as a foundation for successful projects.

Back in the 90’s, PMP Certificate holders used to be fairly rare, now adays it isn’t really! As more than .5M professionals are PMP holders, so if your reason was to stand out, just search PMP Jordan in LinkedIn and you will understand how it doesn’t make a professional with PMP certificate stand out of the crowd much, it is rather a must have to recognize your experience as a Project Manager and your understanding of the knowledge areas and process groups. Moreover it clearly states to stakeholders or employers that you speak the vocabulary for managing projects. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, what kind of job you do!

Most of the organizations and great companies want to work with PMPs, keeping in mind that according to the 2015 IT Skills and Salary Survey conducted by Global Knowledge and Windows IT Pro in the fall of 2014, Project Management Professional (PMP®) is the fourth highest paying certificate. That said, it shouldn’t automatically mean that you will get raise, but it surely helps . If you are one of those professionals that aspire to take their careers out of Jordan, to Dubai, London, New York or any GCC country, PMP will definitely support your case as it says that you appreciate the global standard, as it is recognized and used around the world (outside the area we live today (Jordan).

  1. Book a free consultation with our consultant to know if you’re eligible and the next steps required. (Depending on your career objective, our consultant might recommend another program from another provider. Your own career development is important to us, we won’t sign you up unless it will work for you).
  1. If you agreed with Progress Academy Consultant to undertake the PMP, we will enroll you in the coming PMP course with Dr. Ayman Murad, an expert practitioner and trainer who is a holder of PMP, CTP, CCAI, CCNA and ILM.
  1. Fill Progress Academy registration form and start your 40 hours training journey with our expert PMP Certified Trainer
  2. Order and receive PMBOK® and RITA -PMP® Exam Preparation Guide from Progress Academy
  3. Get additional printed Quizzes and Case Studies during the course breaks from Progress Academy participants’ assistant
  4. After finishing the 40 hours training as required from PMI, you will have the option of joining Progress Studying groups and receiving your studying guide
  1. Almost finally you will sit again with our consultant to fill the PMP formal eligibility form and book your test date
  2. Succeed at becoming a PMP after studying your heart out and getting supported and coached by Progress Academy.
  3. Congratulations! Let’s have a Progress Academy party.

What does it take to earn the PMP? Well it has a number of prerequisites. Actually PMI has an application that you can fill out either online or on paper that cover those requirements.


  1. You first should have 35 training hours or PDUs of project management educations from a provider that is recognized by PMI. (Like Progress Academy)
  1. You also have to have 4,500 hours of real world experience of working on projects. In case you didn’t have an undergraduate degree you need to prove working 7,500 of real world experience of working on projects. You dont need to be a project manager to show qualified experience you just need to prove you worked on the project! Ask for a free consultancy session from Progress Academy here , if you’re reading this at a late hour, it’s okay! You can take our online eligibility test for now.

PMP Exam Fees:


  1. With Membership (Recommended):

Annual Membership Fees: $139

First Time Exam Fees: $405

Total: $544 = 386 JD (Approx.)


  1. Without Membership:

First Time Exam Fees: $555 = 394 JD (Approx.)


PMP Exam Structure:

Duration: 4 hours

Questions Number: 200

Questions Type: All Multiple-choice

No specific windows for the PMP exam



The most valued and respected credentials in project management.

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