In order to help our clients grow and lead over time, we partnered with the leading company “Challenger Team”, to offer experiential trainings programs, such as: Training Employee And Managers (TEAM), which is the division in Challenger Team that designs and manages employees and managers programs. The main objective of this unit is to enhance the skills and performance of the staff. Challenger Team customizes special programs according to the needs of the staff and the mission statement of the institution as listed below:

Practical Training Programs

Practical training is a learning-based activity that focuses on trainees’ needs. We meet our clients’ objectives through tackling the problems that their company faces. Experiential training can be conducted indoors and/or outdoors. It covers major topics in leadership, management, business and soft skills. This helps them achieve competitive edge superiority. It is an active learning process in which participants learn how to tackle tasks in real life as one team. Throughout our training sessions, participants experience working together as a team. As a result, the participants become cognitively engaged by reflecting on and reviewing what happened during the task and why. After reflection, ideas for improvement are stated, tested and evaluated through subsequent activities. The key advantage of experiential training is that it causes noticeable improvement in participants performance as they develop personal understanding of the learning process that is relevant to them.

Corporate Retreat Programs

Working as a productive team is main target of all leaders and managers in any institution. The Teambuilding Adventure Retreat is designed for organizations to reinforce teamwork concepts to their departments and staff members. Our role is to provide venues of training programs to help enhancing teamwork amongst employers and employees. In our corporate retreat programs, our clients spend their time learning in an active manner. We focus on creating, performing, taking on new concepts, methods, techniques and challenges. Our Retreat Programs enable participants to realize their full potential as productive leaders leaving them with a sense of mutual accomplishment and motivation to accomplish more.

Workshops and Indoor Courses

Our training classes cover fundamental concepts and the latest trends in business skills. Case studies, research, practical applications and study tours that help participants build better skill set for organizational contribution. These skills are acquired throughout our training classes as we provide participants with concepts’ tips and tricks that can be applied in their daily work.


The adventures mentioned take place in “Challenger Village”, which is the main training campus that is owned by Challenger Team or in any other venue upon your request (like 5 Star Hotels). The Village is fully equipped with special tools and equipments to facilitate the LEAD and TEAM training programs. Moreover, the village has special camping tents that can accommodate up to 120 campers/professionals.

  • The Village is built over an area of 15,000 meters squared and has the capacity to have 500 participants at one time.
  • According to the clients’ preference, food is catered on campus and meals are be prepared on site to ensure freshness and cleanness. Also, all kinds of food could be ordered and delivered to the Village.
  • We ensure high level of cleanliness for all our facilities including food area, tents, toilets and shower rooms.
  • The Village is located 15 minutes away from the 7th circle – Amman which makes it easily accessible to all visitors.
  • The Village is certified and accredited by the Ministry of Education.