We are proud to introduce some of our best instructors

Prof. Ayman Murad


Download Biography Introduction: Dr. Ayman has over 20 years of experience in training, managing projects and leading teams in different international organizations. He brings this massive experience to the hours we invest together in Progress Academy to build a rich PMP training filled with alive examples fresh from the current world. Dr. Ayman has an […]

Prof. Mazen Arafeh

Lecturer - Six Sigma

Download Biography Introduction: If you were a Sig Sigma Belt seeker, then prepare yourself to work with a talented engineer who has both the PHD degree and the Black Belt in Six Sigma. He is an enthusiastic facilitator that can bring a fresh philosophy to the learning experience he offers at Progress Academy with the […]

Ali Shbeeb

Lecturer - CMA

Download Biography Introduction: Get ready to bring all the financial training to salvation.. Ali is the best thing that happened to numbers ever since they met business, with his sense of humor and the thorough experience he gained from projects audited with UNDP and UNHCR, you will understand the knowledge and practice that comes professional certificates like CMA […]

Samer Madhoon


The Only APICS Recognized Master CSCP Instructor in the Middle East Supply Chain Prac-Ademic that enjoys 17 years of experience in various business sectors with emphasise on supply chain management as a core of experience (Contracting management , Procurement and sourcing, logistics, distribution, and innovation/technology management). Familiar with the latest

Ruba Younis

Junior Lecturer - Web Design

Download Biography Introduction: Only someone with a serious love and respect for commitment and success can lead you to it. And this is what Ruba is all about; you can tell so much about the stretching skills of her comfort zone from the diversity of the projects she worked on. From Managing the Performance Improvement at al […]