Our Mission

Every training solution, case study and knowledge testing quiz we utilize to our participants is a tool to deliver applicable sciences to corporate professionals that decided to invest in education after thoroughly experiencing work. This is how we carry on day to day in our mission to provide accessibility to learning and exceptional teaching when and where our participant want, in order to achieve their Professional goals and shine in their industries. It is through academic and practical excellence and the creation of diverse educational and professional pathways that Progress Academy serves the lifelong learning needs of Corporate in MENA region in an environment that is untraditional and accepting to different personalities and orientations.

Our Vision

To be the lifelong educational partner of Corporate’s adult learners who seek a superior training experience. Progress Academy is the source of credible and high quality education that work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met and that your expectations are exceeded, every time.

Our Values

Proactively Flexible and Genuinely Caring , we fit our educational service to your needs and not vice versa.

Business Focused, the value of time, cost and organizational/personal objectives is the context of every training we offer you.

We are your educational PARTNER rather than your Training provider, our journey doesn’t end with the end of the course, it actually extends to future advising and consulting.