Although each one of our Expert Trainers have their own training methodologies that they were certified to apply in addition to the experimental methodologies they self-taught to themselves throughout their rich years of experience. There are few points that we make sure are being applied when delivering at Progress Academy.

Focus on Application, although many certifications require building knowledge to pass the official exams, there always has to be a great focus on increasing skills level through application in and out of class through (practice sessions, demonstrations, apprenticeship and learning by doing.)

Establishing Awareness, through utilizing role-plays, small group discussion, case studies, simulation, learning games, structured exercises etc.

Sharing Experiences, professionals (participants) experience is priceless, and putting in use in a training session will be a definite loss. We utilize their past and present experiences as an important and credible source of learning. They share reactions and observations, reflect upon implications and consequences, discuss patterns and dynamics, develop practical and conceptual understanding and apply it to the real life situations.

Investing in Case Studies, to build a strong business context you will notice how our trainers bring valuable case studies to the classroom, giving participants the opportunity to look at others’ experiences in the form of a case. The learners reflect upon and analyze these experiences to derive proven solutions to their workplace. Our expert educators may present case studies in written or verbal forms or even short films, depending upon the background and experiential level of the participants. The case study method that we use even out of the classroom as a way to engage our participants after the course ends help remind how the concepts that they were taught in class can be used in a simple fashion.

In order to help Progress Academy graduates gain confidence and achieve highest professional standards, as well as develop and maintain successful professional practices, our post-training services include study guides, case studies, educational seminars, motivating questions related to the training subject and coaching support.

Upon our clients’ training requirements, we share summarized, detailed or customized reports with the capacity to cover how their participants perceived Progress Academy’s Trainer’s Expertise, Clarity, Cultural Appropriateness, Time Management, and Responsiveness, Training Material, Training Impact on Personal and Organizational development.
Moreover, we run Pre and Post Assessments upon clients’ training requirements depending on the training objectives, skills and knowledge that are covered. Which we can share prior to delivery (during the planning and customization phase). The results are usually presented in the form of summarized, detailed or customized reports – As mentioned earlier –