Public Training For Individual Professionals. Below are Training Courses we offer at Progress Academy, every listed course is open to the public. As seats in the programs schedule below are often limited and times are subject to change, please contact us for final details.

Public Training for Corporates. By putting your employees into a new environment like the one we built in Progress Academy, away from the office and with new people to interact with. You are allowing them to break free from the patterns of communication in the workplace and experiment with new strategies. You will also get a report after each program, that summarizes the pre and post assessment and individual evaluation about each participant with strengths and points to improve in the training area. Training courses available are:

The most valued and respected credentials in project management. Earning and maintaining this PMI project management certification demonstrates a solid foundation of experience and competency in effectively managing projects and project teams.

Your key to greater financial career potential. Pursue the CMA and demonstrate your mastery of the critical accounting and financial management skills needed on the job today. CMAs earn the credential through work experience, a rigorous two-part exam, and continuing education.

The most widely recognized educational program for operations and supply chain management professionals around the globe provides you with a mastery of supply chain management best practices and distinguishes you as an industry expert with specialized, high-level knowledge and skills.

A globally respected certificate that proves your confidence in applying the Six Sigma improvement methodology and leading a professional Six Sigma process improvement team. Successful Six Sigma Green Belt Certification holders for example are usually promoted very fast within organizations – this is one of the reasons this Six Sigma Belts certification is such a popular credential. P.S. We offer training on all Six Sigma Belts Certifications (Black Belt, Green Belt and Yellow Belt Certification).