As Professionals, we LIVE for the next level..

Look up, look at the screen again. Yes, just like you looked up right now, that’s what our industries are doing all the time. They thrive for the next level in Production Time, Deliveries Quality, Cost Reduction and of course Revenue Growth.

  • As the world becomes more connected 40% of jobs will be in six industries by 2018 (Cisco, 2014).
  • 75% to 90% of jobs require Postsecondary Education or training


How are you keeping up with the massive changes in the workplace requirements? How are you shaping your experience to fit the business reality more and more? As there are universal skills that we can all speak as business people across different work types. Any place where there is a need to establish change, there are tools that experts have built over the years to maximise our impact as professionals on organizations, enterprises and industries. Ultimately, certification is a professional decision that can only be made by YOU. In some cases, it will be required for you to advance within an organization, but should we really wait and it is required? Proactivity is a characteristic not a qualification


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The Solution

Education, Training and Certifications for specialized skills are the key. At Progress Academy we believe in flexible ways to build practice (skills) and knowledge while balancing day to day job roles and positively impacting your job effectiveness, skills, knowledge, productivity and problem solving through analyzing case studies that can widen your horizons to excel at handling business situations.

So if you’re ready to increase your value at your organization, maximize your value in the industry to gain new opportunities or simply planning to start your own business.